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We are please to bring you a range of Ribcap protective caps, cool and stylish head gear for adults and children.

Smirthwaite are proud to offer Ribcap protective hats and caps. Ribcap your head, protect your style.
Where fashion meets protection! Unique fashionable and protective hats and caps for all kinds of outdoor use, thanks to the integrated protective pads. They are suitable for people with special needs, active people and kids, young adults and seniors.
Excellent soft protection hats and caps for:
  • reducing impact during autism head banging
  • general autism & epilepsy helmet
  • general seizure helmet
  • hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • cerebral palsy & reduced mobility disorders oncology
  • soft helmet for special needs and other disabilities
  • prevention of bumps and bruises
  • use as a soft helmet for non high risk activities
  • head injury recovery
  • reduced stability and mobility
  • use as a fall injury management device
  • seniors with special needs and other neurologic disorders

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