bath corner chair


Age Guide: 1 - 12 Years


More support

Our bath corner chair is perfect for children who need a little extra help with sitting balance in the bath.  Using its angled back and hand rail, the chair provides extra security for the user and carer.


The Bath Corner Chair provides many levels of adjustment.  The pommel and pelvic strap are adjustable to suit each child’s needs.  They also come with removable seat pads to provide extra comfort when needed.


Lightweight and easy to clean, this corner chair has a perfectly compact design.  This allows it to sit low in the bath enabling your child to fully extend their legs in complete comfort. Its size also enables it to fit a wide range of baths.

Size Guide

MeasurementSize 1Size 2
Seat height (inches)3.03.0
Seat width (inches)13.413.4
Seat depth (inches)11.013.0
Seat depth with pads (inches)9.611.6
Back height (inches)13.818.1
Max user weight (Ibs)6677
Product weight (Ibs)79