buddy size 2


Age Guide: 4 - 12 Years


We are very excited to launch our new bright and colourful Buddy Size 2 vertical stander with a panda design.

Buddy Size 2 is an entry-level vertical stander. Designed for young children (please use technical data for sizing), who require low to moderate levels of support whilst weight bearing. Its design allows it to be used as a hip stander suitable for targeting therapy for the development of specific areas such as trunk and shoulder girdle stability and head control.

The Buddy Size 2 is slimline so can be used in schools enabling your child to perform numerous activities without feeling isolated from friends.  Its colour and friendly character also brightens up any room.

The Buddy Size 2 offers numerous height and width adjustments in the chest and pelvic bands as well as additional angle adjustments in the knee supports and sandals and a removable tray.

The Buddy Size 2 also has an additional height setting enabling it to have an impressive age suitability range of 4yrs - 12yrs (approx).

We also have the Buddy 1, which has been designed for children from 4-12 years old.

“The Buddy Size 2 stander is a fantastic, basic piece of equipment.  It looks great (the children and staff all find it really appealing) and it holds the child securely whilst offering plenty of opportunity for active therapy.  It can be adjusted to meet the various needs of the children and is a very affordable price.  It would be great as an assessment tool as well as a long-term standing option” Jacqui Parker, Band 7 Paediatric Physiotherapist

Buddy 2 is now eligible for insurance reimbursement (HCPS code E0638).

Size Guide

MeasurementSize 2
Thoracic support (top) to foot board height (inches)27.6 - 37.0
Pelvic support (top) to foot board height (inches)19.9 - 29.3
Knee supports (top) to foot board height (inches)6.3 - 22.0
Foot board to floor height (excluding sandals) (inches)4.7
Max width (between thoracic supports) (inches)17.7
Tray size (depth and width) (inches)16.3 x 20.5
Base frame lower setting (length, width and height) (inches)31.5 x 24.6 x 39.1
Base frame higher setting (length, width and height) (inches)31.5 x 24.6 x 43.8
User weight limit (Ibs)132.3
Product weight (Ibs)46.3