easi-lift shower stretcher



The Easi-Lift Shower Stretcher and Changing Bench has been designed to help you move the user up and down with ease while they are on the stretcher. It is electronically operated with a height range of 19.6in, which allows a safe and suitable working height to prevent the risk of back injury to the care giver.

The unobtrusive and neutral design of the Easi-Lift Shower Stretcher allows it to fit into a wide range of environments, especially with its stainless steel and powder-coated frame. The need for floor fixings has been eliminated making it the perfect choice for areas where the floor type, surface pipework or cabling prevents floor installation.

The compact design coupled with the ability to fold the stretcher away when it is not in use makes this the ideal product for times when space is limited. It can also be enhanced with the safety guard and optional integral vinyl headrest.

Size Guide

MeasurementSize 6
Stainless steel without headrest3196
Table dimensions length (in)74.8
Table dimensions width (in)25.6
Travel height range (in) - dependent on installed height17.7 - 37.4
Wall frame width (in)29.5
Wall frame depth (in)4.3
Wall frame height (in)51.9
Safety guard height (in) - optional extra5.7
Stored width (mm)10.6
Max user weight (lbs)441
Product weight (lbs)192