heathfield chair


Age Guide: 2 Years - Adult


The Heathfield chair is the perfect starter chair for children from a very young age to adults who require minimal levels of postural support when seated. Its unobtrusive design means that it fits well into nursery, school and home environments.

The Heathfield and its many accessories work in partnership together to provide support and comfort for your child. We recognize that every child is different and the numerous configurations of the Heathfield will ensure that the chair is tailored to your child’s needs.

We believe in wood as a natural material for our chairs. Wood is extremely durable and it holds a contemporary beauty that makes it aesthetically pleasing while being environmentally friendly. Our timber comes from sustainable sources and offers thermal properties that make it warm to the touch. Antibacterial agents are added as part of our processing.

The Heathfield chair comes in blue as standard, complete with a buckle pelvic strap, adjustable arms and a contoured seat.


Size Guide

Adjustable arm codeSizeSeat height (inches)Width (inches)Seat depth (inches)Back height (inches)Max user weight (Ibs)Product weight (Ibs)
690117.1 - - 9.49.85511
690227.9 - 11.811.08.7 - 12.211.09913
690339.4 - 14.612.810.2 - 13.412.611018
6904411.4 - 15.414.412.6 - 15.714.413235
6905512.8 - 16.717.114.6 - 18.116.515444
6906615.6 - 21.517.117.7 - 21.716.518753

Extras / Accessories