juni hi lo base



We understand the challenges of the classroom and home environment. Height adjustment is now easy with our Juni Hi Lo Base using the gas assisted lift. The slimline footprint of the base makes this the ideal solution to fit under most classroom desks. So now, you can use your Juni chair together with the Juni Hi Lo Base by simply attaching it to the plate on top of the base; or use the chair independently where height adjustments are not needed.

Only suitable for Juni chairs size 1 & 2.


Size Guide

MeasurementSize 1Size 2
Seat height from floor (inches)6.3 - 22.47.9 - 22.4
Lower leg length to footrest (inches)6.3 - 8.77.9 - 11.0
Push handle height (inches)19.7 - 39.419.7 - 39.4
Base length and width (inches)25.6 x 20.525.6 x 20.5
Max user weight (lbs)6688
Product weight (lbs)2323