mobi shower trolley


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For many children and adults, conventional methods of bathing and showering can be difficult and even hazardous. The Mobi Shower Trolley is a powered, height-adjustable shower trolley specifically designed to enable the user to be safely and easily washed or showered by their carer.

The Mobi Shower Trolley offers a range of height adjustments to enable the carer to shower and change the user at a safe and suitable working height. This reduces the risk of back injury for the carer.

The Mobi Shower Trolley has been designed with two unique safety side rails that can be easily stowed away beneath the trolley. This allows maximum clearance for safe, easy transfer and use.


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Key Points

Size Guide:

Measurements (inches)Size 1
Code for stainless steel3151
Table dimensions length 70.9
Table dimensions width 29.5
Travel range 18.3 - 36.4
Safety guards width 33.1
Safety guards height 7.7
Safety guards operational space 7.9
Castor centres length42.9
Castor centres width 27.6
Nominal clearance 7.5
Max user weight (lbs)485
Product weight (lbs)189