protective hats



Smirthwaite is proud to offer stylish and protective headgear from Ribcap.

Ribcap creates unique, fashionable and protective hats for all kinds of use thanks to their integrated protective pads.

They are suitable for people with special needs, conditions that may cause head injury and people requiring head protection during specific activities.

With a range of sizes, Ripcap hats are available for children and adults.

The excellent soft protection headgear is suitable for:
  • reducing impact during autistic head banging
  • general autism and epilepsy with minor or medium potential for injury
  • haemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • general seizures with minor or medium potential for injury
  • cerebral palsy and reduced mobility disorders
  • special needs and other disabilities
  • the prevention of bumps and bruises
  • use as a soft protective hat for non-high risk activities
  • head injury recovery
  • people with reduced stability and mobility
  • use as a fall injury management device
  • some neurologic disorders
  • everyday outdoor activities and sporting activities such as golf, camping, hiking, skating, walking, hockey, school activities, and many more.
Specially designed for regular use, the headgear is functional, water and dirt repellent, and can be safely machine-washed over and over again!
Ribcap designed the protective hats, for everyday life using the finest European materials, to be foldable, flexible and super-comfortable.  The protectors, sewn into each hat, protect the head against minimum-risk impact and many of our customers wear their hat daily because it is so comfortable and stylish.

Please see the attached the clinical evaluation for more information.

Unique features of all Ribcap hats:
  • light and comfortable to wear
  • breathable
  • washable
  • foldable for easy storage
  • a range of sizes for a perfect fit
  • the small and medium sizes can also fit kids depending on the measurement, generally from 5 – 12 years of age - please measure before purchase using this easy guide.
  • weight: 4.2oz – 7oz (depending on style and size)

Note: Ribcap is not certified as a sports or riding helmet (such as skiing, skating, cycling, etc.).