Age Guide: 6 - 12 years


Our vertical and prone stander has been lovingly created to enhance the life of the user. Its purpose is to make standing enjoyable and practical for your child, while simple to achieve.


Star is an entry level standing frame for 6-12 year olds. The Star’s anterior pelvic and knees supports are height, width and angle adjustable to achieve midline positioning that helps develop and maintain a child’s weight bearing ability. The standing frame is practical too. Star can be angled with the child in place to achieve the right standing position and as the frame is angled, the table angles too so that a child can continue with their activities.

Design and Comfort

The Star has a simple design that appeals to older children wanting something fun yet stylish. Its cushioned chest, hip and leg supports provide extra comfort that encourages longer standing times to help build strength and relieve pressure from sitting. Not only does the Star deliver physical benefits, but there are also psychological benefits too. Standing allows for greater interaction with family and friends that helps a child improve their social skills.

The Star is now eligible for insurance reimbursement (HCPS code E0638).


Size Guide

CodeSizeUser ageThoracic support (top to foot board) (inches)Pelvic support (top to foot board)(inches)Knee support (top to foot board)(inches)Foot board height (floor to foot board, excluding sandals)(inches)Max width (between thoracic supports)(inches)Tray size (depth and width)(inches)Tray angle (°)Base frame (length, width & height)(inches)Tilt in space (°)Max user weight (lbs)Product weight (lbs)
2100316-1227.2-39.318.8-31.88.7-13.5 7.518.115.3 x 17.50-6039.3 x 25.9 x 36.2/45.60*-326028