Are you looking for a simplistic and durable pediatric chair that’s highly cost-effective?

Look no further than our Brookfield and Hardrock postural support chairs …

Our close relationships with therapists, children and parents help us to establish exactly what is required from our products. Our designs reflect this expertise and provide numerous clinical benefits while promoting social inclusion and independence.

What’s changing?
Changes to Our Brookfield and Hardrock Chair Specifications

Starting from March 1, 2024, we will be launching changes to the Brookfield and Hardrock chair specifications. We heard your feedback and have made necessary adjustments to meet your needs. Our new specifications will offer better value and be more cost-effective with quicker lead times, without compromising quality. Expect less fuss and fewer accessories, making it easier to use. Take a look…

Brookfield new spec
A robust chair for children from a very young age to adults who require moderate levels of postural support when seated.

● Low, moulded back
● Contoured seat with buckle strap
● Includes standard 2 point strap
● Ocean Blue

Hardrock new spec
An extremely durable and robust chair specifically designed for children to adults who are prone to rock repetitively.

● Low back
● Fully slotted
● Standard 2 point lap strap
● Anti thrust cushions
● Ski transporter base
● Blue

Our dedicated Product Advisors are always on hand to provide free, no-obligation assessments and will work with you, your therapist and your child to find the very best solution to their needs. Get in touch today to arrange your free product demonstration.

Download our new flyer here.

Denise Burley, National Sales Manager
Smirthwaite, USA LLC