brookfield chair


Age Guide: 2 Years - Adult


The Brookfield chair is a robust chair for children from a very young age to adults who require moderate levels of postural support when seated. The Brookfield has a unique moulded back as standard to promote central alignment when your child is seated.

The Brookfield offers seat height and depth adjustability. As an additional feature, the back can also be adjusted in height. This allows even greater flexibility and enables the chair to grow with your child.

Each child is unique, which is why Brookfield has been carefully designed to provide your child with a high level of customisation; this means that the needs of your child are brought to the forefront. By using the chair and the accessories together we can offer a highly tailored solution for individual needs.

The Brookfield chair comes in blue as standard, complete with moulded back, contoured seat, 4 point pelvic harness, chest harness, back extension and height adjustable armrest as standard.


Starting from 1 March 2024, we will be launching changes to the Brookfield and Hardrock chair specifications - read more here.




Size Guide

CodeSizeSeat height (inches)Width (inches)Seat Depth (inches)Back height (inches)Max user weight (Ibs)Product weight (Ibs)
65711LB10.0 - - 12.614.4 - 19.312126
65732LB11.0 - 15.014.410.8 - 15.216.1 - 20.914339
65753LB13.6 - 17.517.114.0 - 18.317.7 - 23.216551
65774LB16.7 - 22.617.116.7 - 22.419.9 - 25.418762

Extras / Accessories