Juni chair


Age Guide: 18 Mths - 12 Years


Whether in the classroom, nursery, or at home, better posture while being seated creates a more positive experience for your child; fine motor skills develop, confidence increases and the ability to engage and learn becomes easier. The Juni postural chair comes in 3 vibrant colors and the contemporary appeal helps to promote social inclusion.

Juni’s seat and backrest both provide unique contouring. This promotes better posture, gives higher levels of comfort and helps your child feel more secure and stable in the Juni. It is a vibrant chair for children who require minimal levels of postural support when seated.

We understand that your child’s needs change during each stage of growth and development. Seat height and depth as well as armrest height can all be easily adjusted. The backrest can be reclined by 5° increments (from 95° to 105°), while it also features an unique built-in lumbar support.

Comes in blue as standard and a choice of red and blue for size 4 only.


Size Guide

MeasurementSize 1Size 2Size 3Size 4
Height (inches)6.3 - 8.77.9 -11.09.4 - 13.411.8 - 15.7
Width (inches)9.411.012.814.4
Depth (inches)7.1 - 9.48.7 - 11.810.2 - 14.212.6 - 16.5
Back height (inches)10.211.412.815.7
Back height (˚)95/100/10595/100/10595/100/10595/100/105
Max user weight (Ibs)6688110132
Product weight (Ibs)9131722

Color Ranges

Dartex fabric range

Dartex can be used on the juni, zoomi and zoomi +

  • Blue

Colours are a guide only and may vary due to limitations of the print process.
Material samples are available upon request. Colour range may change without prior notice, we try to colour match where possible.

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